Yes We Can!

I have been working on making three illustrations which show the situation before, during and after the financial crisis. These A3 panels were made using pens, felt-tips and collage. I have made a collection of limited-edition prints on plexiglas of these three consecutive images.

Even though this project started off from an Illustration Brief, I developed it further. Many current events are shown in caricatures and in visual metaphors.

In “The Point of No-Return” – which was the image I started with- I thought that using a graph would be quite symbolic to show the breakdown of the global economy in stages. This was particularly useful when the crisis double-dipped and the bad news became even worse. The busy-ness of the image also is meant to represent the absolute chaos that ensured from this.

Afterwards, I had this images that currently, the economy in the West is desperately trying to balance. So I have shown this with a skeleton on a tight-rope with on one side, the European Flag and on the other, an American flag. The irony of the situation being that he is walking from one high-rise to another, which is almost identical. What I wanted to express with this was a feeling of a very long road ahead to end up in a similar situation.

Any comments on this project would be greatly appreciated.

I want to thank my sister and my mother for all their help with this project. Your advice has been invaluable.


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